Secure your future. Relax. 
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SuperChamp! is a cheap and easy online course which demystifies the unsexy world of super. It cuts out the guff and shows you the amazing benefits available. You'll also see some of the classic pitfalls to look out for. 

It's too important not to look at.

SuperChamp! is about getting you the biggest nestegg possible and taking the stress out of the journey.

Are you ready to "float like a butterfly"?
The Problem
  • Super is likely your largest financial asset - your future. You need to address it. But it's dead boring!
  • You have heard it's a 'good thing' (though not sure why), but don't get around to it
  • You make a start but it's complicated and dense (and boring, remember), so you give up
  • You don't even know what you are invested in or why that's important. There's just too much noise
  • Fees are important but who is actually going to read a PDS? So you just trust your fund
  • FOMO. Everyone says something different. Who to believe?
  • You don't know what you don't know
  • You're scared of seeing a financial planner because you think you'll get ripped off
Enter - SuperChamp!
  • SuperChamp! puts it all in perspective
  • SuperChamp! is a series of videos in the most uncomplicated language possible
  • SuperChamp! will have you saying "Oh is THAT how it works!"...
  • ...and "I didn't know you could do that!
  • Access to the restricted MoneyRocket members areas, yours to keep
  • You will have clarity about WHY super is so good and HOW you can benefit
  • You will hear the misconceptions that financial advisers hear all the time
  • You will know what you NEED to look at
Get switched on. Get motivated. Set a plan. Take away the stress.

And if you have kids, what better example to set.
Kick The Tyres
I like value and I like to know what I am getting.

So it's simple.

You can have 3 free videos delivered to your inbox so you can check out SuperChamp! before purchasing.

If you like the vibe you can then purchase for the low one-off introductory price of $47. 

See you on the inside!
Disclaimer: SuperChamp! is general advice only. I don't know if you 'should' do the things in the course because I don't know you and your situation.

Always seek professional personal advice.
MoneyRocket is a trademark of MoneyRocket Financial Services Pty Ltd (MRFS) (ABN 34 640 911 182) which is a Corporate Authorised Representative of miPlan Advisory Pty Ltd (Australian Financial Service License: 485 478). The Infinity Program and Cashflow PT do not offer personal financial advice. They provide content around managing day-to-day cash flow with the aim of generating surplus cash. The Infinity Program and Cashflow PT in no way provides specific personal advice on how any surplus cash realised should be used or into which products/structures it could/should be allocated to. MRFS accepts no responsibility for any person regarding the use of any surplus funds generated – personal advice should always be sought. SuperChamp! provides general advice only around key aspects of superannuation. It does not purport to address every aspect of superannuation. Personal, tax and credit advice should always be sought regarding your individual circumstances before making any financial decisions. Personal advice is available under miPlan Advisory’s AFSL.

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