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Before finance, Mark Kruger was a concert pianist for about 20 years. Long practice days year after year taught him all about long term success and good habits. Being broke for a long time (but incredibly happy) also taught him about the importance of aligning lifestyle and values.

After transitioning into finance he worked for a Big 4 accounting firm and became a CFA Charterholder and finally a financial adviser. It was here that it all came together - being able to help people live their values combined with deep financial knowledge and experience.
Money Coaching
It's not about super or investments or returns or anything 'financy'. We aren't going to discuss that.
It's about your attitudes to and behaviours with money. And having a program to take control.
At the deepest level this is actually about self respect. For you and your family.
The Infinity Program
DIY online course
6 hours of online content and a Facebook support group to get you on the way to your financial freedom. All the good stuff from 1-on-1 coaching but at your own pace.
Cashflow PT
1-on-1 coaching
Mark will hold your hand and track your progress each week. Deep dives, high fives and tough love if you need it. This is the fastest way to get the results you want.
Personal Advice
This is where we take the time to get to know you and your financial life in detail.
You decide what you want us to look at and you will receive a deeply thought-out financial plan in writing.
We stay in touch with you over the journey and make changes as needed so that your best interests are always served.
An example of this is reducing insurance when appropriate so you aren't paying more than you have to.
  • Super, investments
  • Insurance - Life, TPD, Income Protection, Trauma
  • Saving for education
  • Purchasing your first home
  • Retirement planning
  • Centrelink
  • Best uses for cash
  • Singles/couples, young or old
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MoneyRocket is a trademark of MoneyRocket Financial Services Pty Ltd (MRFS) (ABN 34 640 911 182) which is a Corporate Authorised Representative of miPlan Advisory Pty Ltd (Australian Financial Service License: 485 478). The Infinity Program and Cashflow PT do not offer personal financial advice. They provide content around managing day-to-day cash flow with the aim of generating surplus cash. The Infinity Program and Cashflow PT in no way provides specific personal advice on how any surplus cash realised should be used or into which products/structures it could/should be allocated to. MRFS accepts no responsibility for any person regarding the use of any surplus funds generated – personal advice should always be sought. SuperChamp! provides general advice only around key aspects of superannuation. It does not purport to address every aspect of superannuation. Personal, tax and credit advice should always be sought regarding your individual circumstances before making any financial decisions. Personal advice is available under miPlan Advisory’s AFSL.

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