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We discuss your goals
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No charge for the deep dive meeting.
Advice cost will depend on the advice scope agreed in advance.
This is where it happens - info gathering, developing strategies, implementing the advice, reviewing, updating the plan as required. 
but no thanks"
No problem
I'll invoice you $330 incl. GST
Although not proceeding with advice or not ready to just yet, most people have had their eyes opened and find this session extremely useful!
To be clear, if you would like to work together there is no charge for the 45-minute Deep Dive session.
If you don't wish to proceed or aren't ready, the most you are up for is $330 incl. GST. But it's not dead money as the few people who don't proceed are happy that they have received value for money!
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What does it cost?
It depends how much you have going on and how often you wish to meet each year.
Rest assured, I have a legal and ethical duty to act in your best interests. If I can't make you better off, we won't work together. I have turned people away in the past for this reason. It's best for everyone.  
I usually operate on a retainer basis that you optin to each year. There is also an initial advice fee or developing your plan.  
I charge flat fees (not a percentage of assets fee). I will also receive commissions for insurance policies (which will be fully disclosed).
Should my partner be involved?
Definitely. Even if you are the main breadwinner, most decisions you make will have an affect on your partner.
I don't need all of the things you mention, I just want help with x.
That's fine. We can scope things in and out. 
What kickbacks are you getting from my investments?
Nothing. Kickbacks from super/investment products are now illegal. Therefore, there is no incentive for me to recommend a particular fund/investment. I have clients in industry funds, retail funds, it all depends on what is right for you.
I will receive commissions on insurance policies.
Do you advise on crypto?
No. I am not licensed to.
How do you know you can help me?
I won't know until we meet. But I will be able to tell you quite quickly. And if I can't help you, I'll say so and we won't work together. Simple.
If you have any other questions please book in a call or email me.
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